Consulting and permitting process

1. To begin layout plans we request a deposit of $2,500 per plan to get started. Layouts currently depending on backlog take 4-6 weeks to be completed.

2. We will then review the site and supply preliminary feedback and agree on the general scope of work (number of beds/bathrooms, size, style,general timeline, etc.) Revisions from this meeting typically take 1-2 weeks to be completed.

3. Upon completion of layout drawings with the revisions,we will sit down and provide an estimate for the finished permitted drawings. Depending on complexity we will bill typically $2-$4 per sqft. These final drawings will allow us to get to the next level to develop costs and permits. Upon completion of the permit site this payment is due. Permits we have seen take 1-6 weeks depending on the location permits are requested at.

4. While the final plans are being approved for permitting we will start the cost estimate to be approved as well. This will develop the project scope and costs. Providing a cost estimate takes roughly 2-4 weeks.

Production/ Assembly of LUSH Kit

5. Upon approval to proceed with the project we will request a deposit for materials equal to 25% of costs. It takes LUSH roughly 1-2 weeks currently to produce the parts for a home.

6. Upon delivery of LUSH kits to the site we will request the next deposit of 50% of costs

7. Upon assembly by the customer/general contractor of the LUSH Kit we will request a deposit for the last 25% of costs, no less than 30 days after completion of the framing. Framing of a home depending on
the crew size of structure will take typically 1-2 weeks to assemble to the sheeting. (exterior walls, flooring, roofing)

Construction Timeline and average costs Per SQFT

8. After review and signing of the building contract to have LUSH as the general contractor we will move forward with the agreed terms. Depending on several factors, the construction timeline can vary. However based on our current experience building a 2,000 sq ft home will take 6-8 months for homes LUSH is the general contractor on. As the general contractor we will provide an open book policy. We do this to keep you updated and avoid any surprise costs.

9. As we move through the building of your LUSH structure the cost to build a home turn key can vary dramatically based on several different factors. From alterations, finishes, location, weather, and unforeseen events. However below are the current ranges we are seeing on the projects we are in the process of building.

  • Cost to sheeting for garage $40 per sq ft
  • Cost to sheeting for Home $50 per sq ft
  • Turn key finishes typically range from $150-$260 per sq ft
    • (On your lot. Calculations are based on the realtor measurement of square footage of a home. This includes finished 1st and 2nd floors and 2/3rds of any finished basement space. Garages and overhangs are not counted in square footage, but costs are included.)

10. Final walk through of LUSH structure and inspection before move in.