Sustainable Housing For The Future

Housing is becoming unsustainable. So, in 2021 LUSH set out to rethink how we build homes. We do this based on our 4 core principles (Wiki Homes, Green Building, Habitat for Humanity, and Self Building). Using these principles, we seek to improve the construction process as a whole. And by improving that process the result is green, energy-efficient homes, that are affordable. Our goal is to help families design and build the homes they need. 

Leadership Team

Randy Lange

Randy was born in Milwaukee and grew up in the Thurston Woods neighborhood. He spent most of his time in the family-owned business Lange Bros Woodworking Co. Inc., which has been in the neighborhood for 91 years. Randy has started, scaled, and sold multiple companies over the years including companies ranging from the OEM medical component manufacturer, lumber distribution, land development, and architecture millwork. Now he is rethinking the process of how we build homes.

RJ Lange

RJ Lange is a consultant and founder of LUSH (Lange Urban Sustainable Homes) with 10 years of consulting experience in personal finance, banking, employee benefits and real estate development. RJ is responsible for helping design and bring the LUSH concept to life–help solve the housing crisis impacting the United States. Our goal is to provide affordable energy efficient homes that is rethinking how we build homes.