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L.U.S.H (Lange Urban Sustainable Housing) rethinks how we build homes. Our process isn’t just about building homes that are greener, faster, and more affordable than standard construction. LUSH is about building an economic model that addresses the many problems affecting housing in the United States. Our goal is to build a system that generates new businesses and jobs by building LUSH homes that are profitable for everyone. The final result is delivering a superior home to the end customer.


Sustainable Housing For The Future

LUSH homes are designed to lower the impact construction has on the environment. We do this by building the majority of the structure out of 3/4-inch-thick plywood which produces dramatically less wood construction waste.  The wood shavings that are left are processed and used as bedding for farm animals, lowering our carbon footprint. 

Rethinking the way we build homes.

EASY AS 1-2-3

LUSH is rethinking how we build homes. These structures can be built in less than a week by a group of 3-4 people. No screws or nails are needed, just a rubber mallet and easy to follow instructions.

All parts are cut on a CNC machine to increase productivity of labor and cut down on waste.
Phase 1

Acquire site and outline design

Phase 2

Finalize design and CNC materials

Phase 3

CNC manufacturing and part assembly

Phase 4

Construction of LUSH Home on site

Instead of using traditional drywall we offer thermal fuse walls as a greener, more sustainable option. This also can provide several different looks to the walls.

What is Lush?

L.U.S.H (Lange Urban Sustainable Housing) is a zero-waste manufacturing system. With the automation of CNC Machines and robots, LUSH can help build greener homes, grow wealth for homeowners, use more high-quality recycled materials, and even create jobs and training for future craftsmen.

L.U.S.H. is a cross between green building, Habitat for Humanity, Wiki House, and self-building.

L.U.S.H. was built to solve the needs of the 5 L Strategy: Land, Lumber, Labor, Lending, and Local Code.

L.U.S.H. all parts of the homes being built out of wood; we can utilize all the advantages of wood as a building material. Wood is renewable, more readily processed for use, emits lower volatile organic compounds, is more energy efficient, and biodegradable.

 L.U.S.H. homes are designed to be DOE Zero Net Energy, or Zero Energy Ready.


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